Before I give you a snapshot of who I am, I want to first thank you for checking out my website.  If you're a regular listener of the Logan Merrick Talks Podcast or came to check out the site because you heard the "Merrick Minute" on your local Christian station, thanks so much for listening. :)

My name is Logan Merrick and I have been married to my wonderful bride Traci for 13 years and together we have four amazing little "arrows" (read Psalm 127:4) Noah (11) Ariah (7), Eli (5), and Micah (3).  Aside from being a family man, I am a church planter in Lincoln, Nebraska where I pastor Hope City Lincoln.  I grew up in the middle of an orange grove in central Florida dreaming of the day I could be a rock star.  As I grew up, I got the chance to live the dream of playing drums for a Christian band and then God called me out of the music industry and into pastoring.  I have been in ministry for 14 years, 13 of those years as a youth pastor and now as a church planter in Lincoln on the campus of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

I attended Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri with a focus in Christian Ministries.   Currently I attend Southern Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky with a focus in Christian Worldview and Apologetics. 

I have had the wonderful opportunity to speak across the country at conferences, festivals, camps and Sunday services.  My mission? To preach the hope of Christ wherever God grants me the opportunity with the prayer that God would ignite the hearts of a generation of young people to radically love others, forgive extravagantly, and go to the far reaches of the earth to preach the gospel of Christ!

For more information about me, or to request me to speak at your event please go to the contact page!

Thanks again for checking out my site. 

Be blessed!