Are You Wearing Someone Else' Clothes?-The Importance of Being YOU!

Have you ever worn something that was tailored just for you?  Maybe you haven't had something tailored, but you know the feeling of wearing something that fits just perfectly.  I have a couple of suit jackets and one pair of jeans, that I LOVE, because when I wear them, they fit me just right.  When you put on these clothes it gives you confidence and makes you feel good, am I right?  

Have you ever been on the other side of this though?  Maybe you've been out somewhere and you have to for whatever reason put on someone else' clothes?  It can be a strange sensation, right?  Maybe they're baggy and just to big on you...or maybe it's the other way around and it's WAY TOO SMALL and you feel uber self conscience.

It's this feeling I want to talk about today with you, because many of us are walking around wearing someone else' clothes and it's got us all out of sorts. 

I found myself waking up this morning with the thought, am I being who God called me AND made me to be, or am I trying to wear someone else' clothes? 

In the Bible in the book of 1 Samuel chapter 17 we read a story about a little 12 year old boy name David.  David is just a young pre-teen shepherd boy from the country.  He is sent by his father to deliver some food to his older brothers who are on the battle field...well kinda.  This is where we get the classic story about David and Goliath.  Goliath is a literal giant and he has frightened every one of Israels warriors including the king, Saul.  The war is at a stand still, because no one is brave enough to fight this massive man.  David shows up on the seen and he is driven to anger when he hears Goliath spouting off at the mouth about God.  David gets so angry he decides that if nobody else will fight Goliath, he will!

Here's where knowing who you are and being comfortable in that comes in...

David goes in to see the king in his tent.  David explains to Saul that he will fight Goliath.  Saul very surprised tries to talk David out of would anyone who is a responsible adult, especially one leading a country. David will not budge...he feels like this is what he's been training for all those days in the country herding sheep and protecting them from lions and bears.  

Saul then proceeds to put his massive, heavy, clunky armor on to Davids small frame.  David can't move well, or even at all.  At this point David explains to Saul that wearing this-though it makes sense-will not work because this armor wasn't made for him.  This armor was meant for Saul a larger man and if he stands any chance at all in defeating Goliath, he's gotta do it the only way he knows, with just a sling shot and a few rocks.  Of course most of us know the rest of the story it only takes one rock and David defeats Goliath, freeing Israel from their paralyzing fear and ultimately defeating the Philistines that day.  

Have you ever been here before?

Trying to take on a task wearing someone else' armor?  Trying to be someone you're not?  Are you trying to do something like someone else and it's just not working?

More than likely it's not working because it's not you.

Or...maybe it is working, but you're completely miserable because you are not being yourself and being who God made you to be.  God made you unique with unique qualities only you can do for this moment in time.  It's time to take off that other persons armor-that fits them and made for them-but it's not made for you.  Take it off.  Feel what it is to be released from the heaviness of carrying that clunky stuff, and then go be yourself! 

Go take on whatever task you've been given in the freedom of being who God made you to be. 

Logan Merrick