How My Princess Gave Hope To This Frog

We all know those stories of the prince who is a frog and needs true loves kiss to rescue him and turn him back into a human prince. Well, my wife is my princess that turned me from a cynical, bitter frog back into a hope filled prince.

I can say a lot about my wife. She’s crazy intelligent, remarkably beautiful, crazy organized, a fantastic mother and my best friend. But the one thing that makes my wife her unique self is her imagination. I find her creativity and imagination to be one of, if not THE thing, I find most attractive about her. Reading is a huge passion for her. She would much rather read then watch television. A perfect day for her would be a clean house, not a dish in the sink, laundry done, a good book, Combos for snacking, her hospital cup half way filled with water and completely filled with Sonic ice and the sounds of our children playing in the background.

Her imagination gives her the ability to be a creative writer, a great story teller, and a fun mom who can make our children dream big. Many times I find myself jealous of her and her childlike imagination because she is definitely the fun one. She is teaching our children to never lose their imagination, to never lose that feeling of hope and excitement. Be a kid. Have fun. Get lost in worlds and lands you’ve totally created in your mind. Be innocent, believe in hero’s , laugh a ton and have a blast.

We have allowed the world to crush our imagination and cause us to live cynically. The world has no idea how to have imagination or to know a good ending of an enemy vanquished and a new day dawning. As Christians though we should live every day filled with hope and wonder. Our Father who created all things created such beauty we should slow down long enough to take it in, be like a child getting lost in land like Narnia. We should live with lots of Hope because we have Christ and the cross which has defeated the enemy breaking us free from the slavery and enchantment of sin.

I am thankful for my wife because it is her imagination that is hope filled that reminds me of the hope that lies within me. It is a constant reminder that cynicism and bitterness should never be characteristics that fill the hallways of my thoughts, but to remember to renew my mind. It is her childlike spirit that has acted as the kiss to turn me from that frog to a prince. Evil has been vanquished and the Son is rising. Let us laugh. Let us imagine. Let us be like children who get lost in a good story filled with hope.