The Importance of Sharing Your Story

We all love a good story.  Think about it.  From the time you were a child you and I have always enjoyed the beauty of a good story.  Fantasy, Adventure, Action, Crime, pick your genre, but what makes stories even more appealing and engaging is truth.  

Stories have this ability to draw people in and tap into the emotions that facts and statistic just can't do.  Stories are relatable, we have experiences that each of us have had that are similar to one another.  These experiences create in us certain emotions that have may scars, or happiness.  

Jesus was an incredible story teller.  He would use stories, parables to make His points.  He wanted to draw His audience in, tap into emotions and use common things that everyone knew and was familiar with. His words were intended to spark reaction and thought.  

But, why do we love stories?

We love them because, we are connected to the greatest story of all time, the story of redemption.  Every story steals from the great story.  The story of the fall of man and the redemption that is brought from the cross.  We love this story.  We love the thought of love fought for, of the enemy being vanquished.  We love a reckless pursuit no matter the peril.  This is what Christ did for us.  He fought for us.  Came down in our muck and messiness to redeem us and rescue us from the clutches of sin and death.  It is this story that we are all connected to, and it is this story that weaves its way into your story, which brings me to the point of this blog.  

You and I have a story.  Those experiences of our life that have left there mark on us.  It is important we are sharing our story with others, why?  Because others need to hear it.  You don't know how your story could save someone from things like debt, divorce or worse..suicide.  People need to hear our story.  

You might be saying, Logan, there's no way I should be sharing my story, it is way to messy and honestly makes me uncomfortable to share it to a bunch of people.  That maybe true, but you don't have to share every dirty detail.  Share what you are comfortable with, with whom you are comfortable.  Either way, you need to share it. It is in the sharing that we help others with their junk...and find healing from our own.  

I want to urge you....tell your story to someone today.  Share with them whatever you are comfortable with sharing (and what is appropriate in the moment.)  

Below I've posted a video of a friends story I share from time to time when I'm out speaking.  I use this as example of how stories are important and how they tap into feelings that spark great emotion.  

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Logan Merrick